Terms and Condition

  1. About Us

Homeware Depo was founded in 2016 and is based in Bali which has 3 locations, namely Kerobokan, Ubud and Uluwatu.

1.1 Homeware Depo is a company registered in the Country Indonesia

1.2 These Terms and Conditions are our intellectual property protected by copyright. Any use by third parties, even extracts from the Terms and Conditions, for commercial purposes in offering goods and / or services is not permitted. Violations can be subject to legal action.

  1. Definition

In these Terms and Conditions:

"Account" means the Homeware Depo Account that you need to register on the Site if you wish to place an order on the Site;

"Working Day" means a day other than Saturday, Sunday or National Holidays;

"Order Confirmation" means our email to you, where we acknowledge your Order in accordance with clause 6.2 below;

"Contract" means Order of 1 or more products in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that we accept in accordance with clause 6.2 below;

"Customer" means anyone who places an Order on the Site;

"Booking" means Orders placed by you on the Site to purchase Products from us;

"You" means the Customer who placed the Order;

The reference to "clause" is the clause of these Terms and Conditions;

The title is for ease of reference only and will not affect the interpretation or construction of the Terms and Conditions;

Words conveying the singular must include the plural and vice versa. The words convey gender includes each sex and references to people include individuals, companies, corporations, companies or partnerships;

References to "including" or similar words or expressions, means without limitation.

  1. Requirements

To place an Order with Homeware Depo you must be more than eighteen (18) years old. If you are under eighteen (18) years old, you can place an Order with Homeware Depo only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

  1. Prohibition

You may not abuse this Site. You will not commit or support criminal acts, transmit or distribute viruses including Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs or transmit other dangerous material on the Site, dangerous technology, violating trust or in any way that is offensive or harassing; entering every aspect of the Service; corrupting data; cause interference with other users; violate other people's politeness rights; sending unsolicited advertisements or promotional material; or try to influence the performance or function of each computer facility or access to the entire Site. Every violation of this provision is a criminal offense under Law Number 11 Year 2008 concerning the Internet and Electronic Transactions (ITE). If this happens, Homeware Depo will report the violation to the law enforcement authorities and appropriate legal action will be taken.

  1. Entire Agreement

5.1 Terms and Conditions apply to all Orders and Contracts made or to be made by us for the sale and supply of products. The Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and Homeware Depo and supersede any and all previous and contemporary agreements between us. Any waiver of the Terms and Conditions will be effective if in writing and signed by the official signatory of Homeware Depo.

5.2 You acknowledge that, in entering into this Contract, neither you nor we rely on any representations, commitments or promises given by others or implied by any words or written between you and us before these Terms and Conditions, unless expressly stated in the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Sales Requirements

6.1 Registration

  • (a) To place an Order, you must register with us by creating an Account on the Site. You only submit to information from us that is accurate and true. You must also save your latest information by informing us of any changes, using the relevant section of the Site.
  • (b) You will not abuse this Site by creating multiple user accounts.

6.2 Contract Formation

  • (a) The information specified in the Terms and Conditions and details contained on this Site are not an offer for sale but an invitation to protect. No contract regarding the Product will be between you and us until we have sent the Product to your address.
  • (b) To place an order, you will be asked to follow the online shopping process on the Site. After this, you will receive an Order Confirmation which will act as an acknowledgment of your Order.
  • (c) An order is only considered accepted by us after your order has been sent to the shipping address provided by you.
  • (d) The contract will relate only to the Products that we send to you. If your order consists of more than one product, products can be sent to you in separate packages at separate times.

6.3 Pricing and Payment

While we make our best efforts to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices that appear on this site are accurate, there are cases where errors may occur. If we find an error in the price of each product that you have ordered, we will notify you about this as soon as possible and give you the option to reconfirm your order at the correct price or cancel it. If we are unable to contact you, we will cancel your order. If you cancel your order before we send it to you, and you have paid for your order, you will receive a full refund.

  • (a) prices stated in Indonesian Rupiah. Shipping fees will incur additional costs if applicable; these surcharges are clearly displayed and included in the 'Final Amount'.
  • (b) We are not obliged to fulfill your Order if the price listed on this Site is incorrect (even after your Order has been recognized by us).
  • (c) You can pay using one of our payment partners listed on our Site or use cash on the payment payment method. Likewise you can pay all or part of the price of your order using an e-gift card, wallet credit or promotional voucher.
  • (d) To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, we encrypt your card data. After we receive your order, we will request a pre-authorization on your card to ensure sufficient funds are available to complete the transaction. Orders will not be confirmed until this pre-authorization check has been completed. Your card will be debited after we have sent the Order Confirmation. Checking validation and validation on the card will be done by the card issuer. If we do not receive the required authorization, we will not be responsible for delays or non-delivery.
  • (e) After authorizing payment, by clicking on the "Order Now" button, you are confirming that the card is yours or that you are the legal holder of the e-gift card or promotional voucher, and have sufficient funds or credit facilities to pay for the product.

6.4 Wrong Orders

If you find that you have made a mistake with your Order and have entered it on the Site, please contact info@homewaredepo.com immediately. We will try our best to process your request.

6.5 Order Rejection

We reserve the right to withdraw any Product from this Site at any time and / or delete or change all material or content on this Site. We will make our best effort to always process all Orders but there may be special circumstances so we may need to refuse to process Orders after we have sent an Order Confirmation, which we have the right to do at any time, according to our policies.

If we cancel your order and you have made a payment for the order, the payment amount will be fully refunded to you.

We will not be responsible to you or other third parties on the grounds we withdraw any product from this Site, whether it has been sold or not, delete or edit material or content on this site or for refusing to process or accept Orders.

  1. Shipment

7.1 We aim to deliver your product to the shipping place requested by you on your order and the delivery time indicated by us at the time of checkout of your order (updated in Order Confirmation).

7.2 We will notify you if we are unable to meet the delivery date as predicted, but, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible to you for any loss, liability, damage costs, or other costs arising from delays.

7.3 After sending the Product, you may be asked to sign proof of shipment. You can contact Homeware Customer Service Depo at info@homewaredepo.com in case of errors, defects or damage. You must be able to show documents sent with the Product, on request.

7.4 Please note that we may not be able to ship to certain locations for specific reasons, we will notify you using the contact details you provided to us when you made your order and arrange order cancellation or delivery to an alternative shipping address.

7.5 We ship Products in our standard packaging. Gift wrapping is available on request and subject to an additional fee.

7.6 All risks in the Product will move to you after delivery, except where delivery is delayed due to breach of your obligations under the Contract (see 7.8 below), the risk will move not on the date the shipment will occur but when you commit the violation. From the time when the risk moves to you, we will not be responsible for loss or damage to the Product. Any violation of your obligation may affect your ability to shop at Homeware Depo in the future.

7.7 If you are not there to pick up or receive delivery, we can leave a card containing instructions on resending or taking goods from the sender's courier.

7.8 If delivery or retrieval is delayed by refusal does not make sense to accept delivery or if you do not (within two weeks of our first attempt to provide the product to you) to accept delivery or take Products from the sender's courier, we (without affecting other available rights for us) will do one or both of the following:

  • (a) charges fees for costs incurred by us; or
  • (b) does not make the product available for shipping or collection and informs you that we will immediately cancel the applicable contract, in this case we will return to you or your credit or debit card as the money paid to us in the contract applies, less administrative costs (including trying to ship and then returning the Product, and any storage costs as stipulated in clause 7.8 (a) above).


You acknowledge that existing Products are standard and are not made according to the order that you might want.

  1. Cancellation by the customer (undamaged products)

If you wish to cancel your order please contact our Customer Service Team at info@homewaredepo.com. No cancellation fees apply. After an order has been shipped, it may not be possible to cancel and if the item you want to return must be returned according to company guidelines given by the Customer Service Team (Please contact the number above or see the return slip provided in the package received).

  1. Refunds and Refund Policy

9.1 If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the Product to us within 3 (three) days of receipt. The product must not be used, the product tag is not damaged, and the product must be in the original brand packaging (if any). This policy only applies to products that are not on the list of brands / items that cannot be returned on our Site.

9.2 You must ensure that the product sent to us is in the same condition as when it was received by you and properly packaged. In this case, if the item is returned to us in an inappropriate condition, we reserve the right not to accept returns and send products back to you.

9.3 We provide pre-paid return shipping services to ensure the best possible online shopping experience for you. Please see the pre-paid shipping label in the package sent to you. If you cannot find the pre-paid shipping label, contact our Customer Service Team at info@homewaredepo.com

9.4 You can process returns through the Shipping Service you chose.

9.5 Products that you return together with your return slip, are usually received at our warehouse within five (5) days of being delivered to the post office. A refund will be issued as soon as we receive your item, according to the return method you chose on your return slip. For more details, please see the FAQ (https://www.homewaredepo.com/faq) on the Site.

  1. Damaged Products

10.1 All Product descriptions, information and material posted on this Site are provided 'as is' and without direct guarantee, or implied or any hidden meaning.

10.2 Product Images as seen on the Site may differ slightly from the actual product you received.

10.3 If the item you have received is damaged, please contact our Customer Service Team and provide the Order number, name and address, product details and the reason for the return, and whether you need a refund or a replacement.

10.4 Upon receipt of the Product, we will examine it and we will notify you of your right to a replacement or refund (if any) by email as soon as possible.

10.5 In the case of returning a product that is not damaged, we have the discretion to decide not to repair, replace or refund your money for the Product and / or we may require you to pay all shipping and service fees in accordance with our current standard fees and other costs for credit or debit card, or payment details that you provided to us when you made your order, and, to the extent permitted by law, we are not responsible for you for loss, liability, damage costs, or other costs.

  1. Vouchers

11.1 You can use promotional vouchers and e-gift cards when making payments for products on the Site. Specific details for promotional vouchers and e-gift cards are listed below.

11.2 To redeem vouchers in your account or check existing credit, please visit "User Accounts" on the Site. In accordance with clause 14.1, we are not responsible for errors in the recipient's email address.

11.3 If you have a promotional gift or voucher, the voucher can be used by someone other than you and you can assign your rights to use the voucher.

11.4 In the event of fraud, an attempted fraud or in the case of suspicion of other illegal activities related to the purchase of e-gift cards or the redemption of vouchers on the Site, we reserve the right to close your account and / or require a different means of payment.

11.5 We assume that there is no obligation for lost, stolen or unreadable gift vouchers or promotions.

11.6 In rare cases, Homeware Depo may in its sole discretion terminate or cancel vouchers previously issued and will not be liable for losses arising from them.

11.7 Conditions for the redemption of promotional vouchers:

From time to time we may be able to distribute promotional vouchers which can be used only on the Site, where we will send to you either by email or post:

  • (a) promotional vouchers are valid for a certain period stated on the voucher, can only be redeemed once and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional vouchers and discounted items. We may exclude the use of promotional vouchers on brands according to our sales strategy. A list of current brand exclusions can be found at: http://www.homewaredepo.com/faq
  • (b) If you place an Order for a Product with a value less than a promotional voucher, no refunds or remaining credit will be returned to you.
  • (c) Promotional voucher credit does not generate interest nor has cash value.
  • (d) If the promotional voucher credit is not enough for your order, you may be able to change the payment method using one of the payment methods we can accept.

11.8 Conditions for redemption of e-gift cards:

You can buy e-gift cards for use on the Site by you or other customers. The e-gift card will be sent by email.

  • (a) An e-gift card cannot be used to purchase other e-gift cards. E-gift cards can only be purchased through debit cards, credit cards or PayPal.
  • (b) E-gift card credit does not generate interest nor has cash value.
  • (c) Orders for e-gift cards can be canceled by contacting us at info@homewaredepo.com. A voucher is deemed redeemed if it is used as a payment in placing an Order.
  • (d) If the e-gift card credit is not sufficient for your order, you can make a difference using one of our accepted payment methods.
  1. Responsibility

12.1 Content displayed on this Site is provided without warranty, conditions or warranty for its accuracy. Unless stated otherwise and to the extent permitted by law, Homeware Depo and its suppliers, content providers and advertisers expressly exclude all conditions, warranties and other terms that might otherwise be implied by law, general law or equity law and are not responsible for damages anything, including but not limited to direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive or incidental damages, or compensation for loss of use, profits, data or other forms, damage to goodwill or reputation, or costs for procurement of substitute goods and services, arising from or related to the use, inability to use, performance or failure of this Site and any material placed on it, regardless of whether the damage was alleged or arising in the contract, error, equity, restitution, by law, under general law or vice versa .

12.2 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will exclude or limit Homeware Depo. Obligations for death or personal injury arising from neglect, submission of erroneous information, and erroneous for underlying problems or other Obligations which cannot be excluded or limited by applicable law.

  1. Compensation

You agree to indemnify, defend, hold Homeware Depo, directors, officers, employees, consultants, agents, and affiliates, from any and all third party claims, obligations, damages and/or fees (including but not limited to, legal fees) arising from the use of this Site or your violation of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Management Guarantees and Complaints

14.1 HOMEWARE DEPO will carry out its obligations according to the Terms and Conditions accordingly.

14.2 We place great value on the satisfaction of our customers. You can contact us at any time using the contact details provided in clause 6.4 of these Terms and Conditions. We will endeavor to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and will contact you for an inquiry regarding the related complaint. In the case of guarantees, producers often have to be involved, and therefore may take longer to resolve or resolve complaints.

14.3 In the case of complaints, it will be helpful for us if you can describe the object of your complaint as accurately as possible and, if possible, send a copy of the Order or at least the Order number that we gave you in the Order Confirmation. In rare cases your e-mail may be trapped in our spam filter or it will not reach us, or the correspondence we send to you may otherwise not reach you. If you do not receive a response from us within five (5) Business Days, please re-contact us.

  1. Protection of Personal Data

Please see our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Circumstances Outside Our Control (FORCE MAJEURE)

16.1 We are not responsible to you for any violations, obstacles or delays in the execution of the Contract caused by anything outside our control, including but not limited to:

  • (a) Strikes, lock-outs or other industrial actions
  • (b) Civil commotion, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, war (whether stated or not) or threats or preparations for war.
  • (c) Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, plague or other natural disaster.
  • (d) The impossibility of using trains, sending aircraft, motorized transportation equipment or other means of transportation whether public or private.
  • (e) Impossibility of using public or private telecommunications networks
  • (f) Actions, decisions, laws, regulations or restrictions of the government, shipments, postal or other related transportation strike, failure or accident.

16.2 In the event that a Force Majeure event lasts for more than one week, either you or we can terminate the Contract immediately with written notice and without liability other than returning Products that have been paid for by you and not shipped.

16.3 If we have awarded a Contract to provide identical or similar products to more than one customer and are prevented from fully fulfilling our obligations to you for reasons of Force Majeure, we have an absolute decision as to which Contracts apply.


16.4 We have absolute discretion on the solutions we take to fulfill our obligations under the Contract despite Force Majeure.

  1. Notification

Any notification under the Contract will be given in writing either by letter or e-mail to the concerned party at the last known address or e-mail address.

  • (a) Notification provided by post must be deemed given within two (2) Business Days sent to the recipient's address in Indonesia.
  • (b) Every notification given by email is deemed given within two (2) days of the email sent.

In proving services, it must be sufficient to prove that the letter or e-mail has actually been sent and, possibly, sent as a prepaid shipping letter or data delivery or delivery report received.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights

18.1 All content included in or available through our Site, such as text, graphics, logos, icon buttons, images, audio clips, digital downloads, campaign titles and data compilation belonging to Homeware Depo or content suppliers and protected by copyright law and agreements throughout world. All of these rights are protected by Homeware Depo and its licenses. You can save, print and display content provided only for your personal use. You are not permitted to publish, manipulate, distribute or otherwise reproduce, in any format, any of the content or copies of content provided to you or that appear on this Site or you may use such content in connection with any business or commercial company.

18.2 Additionally, graphics, logos, page titles, icon buttons, text, and service names included in or available through the Site are trademarks of Homeware Depo in Indonesia. Homeware Depo trademarks may not be used in connection with products or services that are not provided by Homeware Depo, in any way that might cause confusion among customers, or in ways that disparage or discredit Homeware Depo. All other trademarks not owned by Homeware Depo that appear on the Site are the property of their respective owners.

18.3 Our status (and that each contributor is identified) as content writers on our Site must always be recognized.

18.4 You may not use any part of the content on our Site for commercial purposes without obtaining a license to do so from us or our licensors. In the event that Homeware Depo becomes aware of a violation of intellectual property rights, we will not refrain from taking relevant legal action.

18.5 If you print, copy or download any part of our Site in violation of these Terms and Conditions, your right to use our Site will be terminated immediately and you must, as we choose, return or destroy any copies of material that you have made. You will not modify, translate, decompile, disassemble or make derivative works based on the software or accompanying documentation provided by Homeware Depo or its licensors.

  1. Advertising on the Site

We will make every effort to comply with any relevant regulations relating to the Site published by Law No. 11 of 2008 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions.

  1. Link to Site

20.1 You can link to our front page, provided you do so in a legal manner and do not aim to damage our reputation or take advantage of it, but you may not build links in such a way as to show the form of association, approval or support from our side if there is no.

20.2 You may not create links from any site that is not owned by you.

20.3 This site may not be framed on other Sites, or you may link to any part of this Site other than the front page. We reserve the right to withdraw the permission for contact without notice.

  1. Liberation

There are no failures or delays by us or you in exercising rights under the Terms and Conditions or Contracts that rights are ignored or extend or affect other events or damage the rights or legal remedies in this way how to change or reduce our rights or you under these Terms and Conditions or contract.

  1. Termination

If there are clauses in these Terms and Conditions or Contracts that will be or are declared by the competent court to be invalid or not applicable, these legal or invalid defects must not affect the provisions of the article or other parts of any clause, all of which will remain in full force, as long as the Terms and Conditions or contracts must be able to continue in effect without an unspecified period.

  1. Determination

You will not assign, transfer, collect, sub-contract, create any trust above or deal in any other way with the Terms and Conditions or Contracts or all or part of the rights or obligations under these Terms and Conditions or Contracts.

  1. Relationships

Nothing in these Terms and Conditions or Contracts will create or be deemed to create partnerships, agents or employer and employee relations between you and us.

  1. Third Party Rights

No person who is not a party to the Terms and Conditions or Contracts will get the rights under or entitled to benefit from each term even if that person has relied on each of these terms or has shown to any party contained in the Terms and Conditions or contract

  1. State Law

The Terms and Conditions and Contracts (and all non-contractual obligations arising from or relating to them) are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Indonesian law. Both we and you hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Indonesian Courts. All transactions, correspondence and contacts between us must be made or done in Indonesian.

  1. Variations

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. All changes to these Terms and Conditions will be posted online. Use of the Site will be deemed acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.

When you submit an Order to the Site, you agree that you do so and are subject to the Terms and Conditions that apply on the date you send your Order. You are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms and Conditions every time you ship your order.